‘John Maynard Keynes’ — He is back..!!

This was a competition based on role play.
Role play category 1: The politics of IPL
There is a lot of hue and cry about the new player retention policy and auction system of IPL which is making franchisee management team members revisit Game theory learnt in their B
school days. Enters Lalit Modi .This apparently is his last chance to make a come back...
Situation 1: Whether BCCI president Shasank Manohar decides to defend the policies or come out with a new policy so that Modi does not get a chance to prove himself.
Situation 2: What franchisee owners should do? Release players expecting  other will also release quality players so that they get a chance to buy them? Or retain them losing a bulk share
of the money they could have used in auction?
Role play category 2: Delhi’s CWG : Common Wealth or Conquer Wealth?!
Fake inventory and manipulated price list of fixtures ,fittings, hired from foreign markets shows drastic anomalies and massive difference thus no scope left ,but to define only a SCAM , as
whole bidding process for selecting foreign firms is too under scanner . A scandal that amounts to more than 4.50 Lakh pounds.
Who exactly is responsible for such delays in work, massive scams and frauds and more people involved in corruption?
Assume the roles of the chief minister and the organizing committee  chairman respectively, in teams of 2, and enact what would you have done!
Role play category 3: The Greek crisis
Situation 1: You are European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs: Mr. Joaquin Almunia European Union officials insist there won't be a bailout for Greece. Such a bailout would be
unprecedented for a euro-zone country as they have no bail policy. But European Union can't let any member sink into crisis without it affecting other members. It is rumored that Greece will
ask the International Monetary Fund for help  which might be seen as an embarrassing sign of weakness for the bloc's institutions.
What will you do to take a decision?
Situation 2: You are Greece’s Prime Minister. 
You have three options:Take help of IMF.Ask EU to help them by giving loans at a cheap rate.You are Greece’s Prime Minister and have issued bonds in market to repay the debts. But
market perception about Greek bond is not good and market has already rejected earlier bonds i.e. their face value has decreased. What would you do now to bail out Greece.

Role play category 4: Can Obama pull America out of its troubles?
The United States of America has been going through a lot of turmoil over the past few years.Economic recession, financial crisis , growing levels of unemployment are some of the
calamities that have severely hit the country. However America needs to do something to come out of this gloomy scenario and be the rising power yet again.
Situation: Assume you are Barack Obama , what will you do to pull America out of its troubles.The prime focus may be the issue of double dip recession, and how to prevent America from
sliding into it. Both team mates may assume the role of Obama and contest each other’s solutions.

Preliminary Round:
1) The document should not exceed 1500 words.
2) It should clearly state the problem identified and the possible solutions culminating with
the best solution of all.
3) The parameters for the judgment would be:
a. Structure and style
b. Contentc. Innovativeness
d. Logical reasoning
e. Concepts of economics, strategy and business sense
4) Font: Times New Roman , Font size: 12
5) Participation has to be in a team of 2.
6) No limit to the number of entries from same institute.
7) No individual can be a member of more than 1 team.
8) You need to mail your entries to econimi.soc@gmail.com
9) The entries should be either in word.doc or pdf format labeled as  John Maynard
Keynes_TeamName_Institute Name.
10) No personal information should be mentioned anywhere other than the front page that
should carry the Team’s Name, Participant’s Name, Email-ids and Contact Numbers.
11) Last date for sending your entries was 12th October 2010 , 11:59:59 pm.

Final Round:
The best 4 teams shall enact their solutions in the form of a role play on IMI  campus on
between 28th and 30th October 2010 before a panel of judges and the best team shall win!!

Prizes: 1stPrize: Rs 10000 
 2ndPrize: Rs 5000.

tete e tete

This event was organized in 2010 during annual fest ‘kritva’ of college on 20 october 2010.

EconIMI presented Tete-e-Tete, an online dialogue writing competition, where the conversation was based upon economics logic and made use of economics jargon.

The participation was on an individual basis or maximum in a group of two and they could choose to write a dialogue between any of the following pairs:
Boss- Subordinate


Professor – Student

Prime Minister – any cabinet minister

This is what we call: Tete-e-Tete : Economics Style!
Who thought economics could be so interesting!!

Prize Money was : Rs. 3,000 & Rs. 2,000